Clair L. Enis
Clair Enis
Full Name Clair Laurelene Enis
Gender Female
Race Human (mutated)
Class Engineer
Rank Lieutenant
Fleet Rank Lieutenant
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Ship(s) USS Lagrange
Player Emberys

Last Name: EnisFirst Name: ClairMiddle Initial: L.Species: Human (though heavily mutated, hence shows up on genetic scans as "Alien")Age: 21Gender: FemaleHome World: EarthProfession: EngineerCharacter Rank: Lieutenant Academic History and Distinctions:*Completed a PhD in Engineering at Cambridge University, Earth, at age 17.

  • Post-doc research at the Cavendish Laboratory in Energy Field technologies

Service Record:Joined Starfleet as Ensign Engineer just after her 21st birthday, then became caught up in the events surrounding the USS Khitomer. Briefly met Lt. d'el Melias during that period.Starship Class: Light Cruiser Brief Biography:Born in London, Earth, from human parents (father was in construction, mother was clerical staff at a newspaper), who placed her in an institution when they saw the mutated "thing" they had borne. Completed school at record speed due to her above-average IQ then moved on to study Engineering at Cambridge University. Decided to join Starfleet when she got sick of being treated as a freak on Earth.