Nefriti Edoebir
Full Name Nefriti Alber Edoebir
Gender Female
Race Nedonian
Class Science/Medical Officer
Rank First Bodyguard to the Queen
Fleet Rank Member
Fleet Position Scientific Advisor
Ship(s) Sekmet
Player Zenosis

Last Name: Edoebir
First Name: Nefriti
Middle Initial: Alber (full name reason given below)
Species: Nedonian
Age: 84 Nedonian Years (546 Earth Years)
Gender: Female

Star System Peltor Gamma: The Nedonian Home Star System

Brief Rundown of Nedonian Technology

Nedonian Culture and Biology

Service Record:

Considered Intelligent and wise by most Nedonians and due to her inability to hide her emotions they decided she was the best one to visit other races; she is the First Bodyguard to the Queen.

        Edoebir is well trained in Melee Combat and she also has well developed Telekinetic powers these powers allow her to throw a fully grown Klingon 30 meters.  The Reason she became a Guard to the Queen is approximately 10 Nedonian Years ago (65 Earth Years) during a Combat technique display Edoebir became extremely angry at another Nedonian that was out of sequence with the other 49 Entertainers, her anger could be seen as she became extremely Dark Red almost Black and lashed out with her powers killing the other Nedonian, due to the Telepathic Link all Nedonians had she almost died as well as she could feel the pain, she only survived as she knew the pain wasn't hers, other Nedonians felt the pain but not as intensely as they did not do the damage.  The Queen saw this power and thought it could be useful in her defence so she asked Edoebir to try and train others, these specially trained Nedonians were then declared the Guards of the Royal Family. not that they were needed on Nedo, as there has been no recorded evidence of War, The Queen was afraid that the ships that destroyed their ships would hunt down the rest of the race.

Brief Biography:

            Edoebir was sent to the Alpha Quadrant from her Home Nedo to seek out allies against the Borg and learn more about other races as the Nedonians  have only made Contact with two other Species both were Hostile, First it was the Dominion 11 Nedonian Years ago (71.5 Earth Years) and recently the Borg 5 Nedonian Years ago (32.5 Earth Years), the Dominion Destroyed all 3 Nedonian Explorer ships (please be aware Nedonian Star Ships have No Weapons to speak of) that were sent out to colonise other Star Systems.  The Borg Assimilated One Nedonian Colony of course the telepathic Link mentioned above meant all Nedonians Felt the Deaths of the Nedonians on the Planet and felt the others change until the Borg Collective Suppressed the Biological Link with their own Collective.  Since meeting these two races the Nedonians have Developed Stealth technology to hide themselves from all forms of Detection Technology and this has been fitted to all their ships.  There Shield Systems are far  Superior to other races due to the fact the Home world is a Moon of a gas Giant with Raging Winds from 85mph to 340mph and a High risk of Meteor Impact.  The Explorer Ships were destroyed soon after leaving their Wormhole Tunnels meaning there shield systems were offline.
The Reason that Edoebir last name his her formal name introducing herself it is due to the way the Nedonians Name themselves: Nefriti (the Colony she was born on) (Nefriti being the Nedonian’s Fourth Colony), Alber (the Residential District she was born in) and Edoebir (her name give to her by her parents, rough translation meaning Angels Darkening Child, she was darker than her 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters born at the same time) her age is Listed as 84 (546 Earth Years) this is considered Middle age by Nedonians as  their Average Lifespan is 150 Nedonian Years (975 Earth Years), they are considered Children until 40 (260 Earth Years).

 The Borg Designation for the Nedonians is 11026