Faratok din'Barad
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Full Name Faratok din'Barad
Gender Male
Race Dalkoadan
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Captain
Fleet Rank Captain
Fleet Position Guard Captain
Ship(s) USS Silver Knight
Player Realtrek

Within a couple of decades after First Contact of Vulcans with humans following Cochran’s historic flight, there formed sparse pockets of Vulcan/Human intermarriages that for the most part were kept ‘under the radar’. As is almost inevitable when two physically compatible races meet, there’ll be those who take more than a superficial interest in those of the other species.

Unlike the famous couple of Sarek and Amanda Grayson, parents of (now) Ambassador Spock, most of these early mixed marriages/couplings were met with heavy and suspicious disdain from both ‘pure-blooded’ Vulcans and Humans. These couples over several years sought each other out from Earth to Vulcan, and as a group decided that avoiding conflict would be more conducive to their unions than ‘weathering the storms’. Thus these couple hundred families removed themselves to a remote section of the Sirius Sector and founded the independent Dalkoada Colony, beginning a perpetuated lineage of Vulcan/Human/Hybrid descendents.

Faratok is a fifth-generation descendant of the original founders of the Colony. His own parents were descendent generation Vulcan/Human mix, as were his grandparents, and great-grandparents.

Unlike most Vulcan/Human hybrids – which tend to shun one ancestry in favor of the other – the Dalkoada have come to accept the best of both worlds, tempering emotion with logic. With the incursions of Borg, Klingons, Romulans, and Undines, it became apparent that the Dalkoada Colony would not be able to stand alone any longer, and petitioned the Federation for inclusion. Though its own planet, the Colony was founded by two prominent Federation species, Vulcan and Human, and thus the argument was made that the residents of the Dalkoada Colony were entitled to Federation inclusion, if not in a planetary recognition-type sense. The Dalkoada Colony has been under Federation jurisdiction for almost a decade.

Faratok applied to – and was accepted by - Star Fleet academy, having already shown a propensity for tactics and command, having led more than a handful of counter-insurgencies against Klingon and Romulan invaders on Dalkoada.

As luck (or un-luck) would have it, Fara soon found himself in the midst of a space battle with Borg insurgents whilst aboard the light cruiser, USS Shadowknight. Barely having secured his own commission as an Ensign, violent events came about that thrust Fara time and again into positions of decision making and command, and finally into the ship’s captain’s chair. Having performed admirably under fire, and having demonstrated notable competence in commanding a starship, command of the USS Shadowknight was awarded to Faratok with an endorsement for such from Admiral Quinn.

Faratok currently commands the assault cruiser, USS Silver Knight.

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