Gabrille Dan' ro
Full Name Gabrille Dan' ro
Gender Female
Race Andorian
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Lieutenant
Fleet Position {{{fleetposition}}}
Ship(s) USS Ddraig Goch
Player Zenosis

Character RP Rank Chief (not been to academy)

USS Ddraig Goch Commanded by Commander Shelly Taylor.

Gabrille is an Andorian who has defied Andorian High Command by taking an Aggressive stance. But she says her goals are the same as the Andorians even though she disagrees with there passive methods in this war against Undine. This is the reason for her exile from Andoria (6 years ago). Andorian High Command regard her as dangerous! since her exile she has grown her hair long another defiant stand against the Andorian High Command.

Gabrille became a Melee Combat trainer in Starfleet Academy, where she proved to a good teacher for 3 years, but this record was tarnished when she broke a Cadets Jaw during Melee exercises, she says the Cadet was sloppy and almost hit the Chief trainer in anger, it took 3 Security personel to restrain her before she calmed down. Though Gabrille never went through the academy she transferred to a Maco Squad due to her Andorian combat training, Gabrille was seen as a loose cannon and wanted her somewhere her anger could be channeled. On return from one mission she had the scar on her face and refused to get it healed by the medic, the mission had ended badly after one member of the squad betrayed the mission to the true Way, leaving the squad pinned down for almost two weeks, half the squad was badly injured 5 members were dead including the traitor and the Commanding Officer, Reports from the survivors say Gabrille took charge and kept them alive and also caught the traitor in communication with the True Way ( we do not know if she was injured in the fight with the traitor or during the melee chaos of the constant ambush tactics of the Cardassians. She says her scar reminds her that she failed her commander when he got killed. ( Commanders name and rank, Commander Jonathan Beckett (Human))

Currently in charge of the Maco Squad on the USS Ddraig Goch.