Silveda Daemon
Full Name Silveda Tjechov Daemon
Gender Female
Race Alien
Class Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Rank Fleet Captain
Fleet Position Recruitment Assistant
Ship(s) USS Event Horizon-B
Player Quarie

Fleet captain Silveda Tjechov Daemon,


Silveda's History is as full of holes and inconsistencies as a time warped swiss cheese.. There is plenty of question marks regarding her persona and many of her files are classifed by starfleet intelligence.

What is known however, about her background, is that she was found floating above a dead worldat the edge of the beta quadrant in a severely damaged vessel of unknown origins and design. The ship that found her was a deep space exploration vessel from the ferengi alliance, who saw great potential profit in her ship. they were less thrilled about the fact there was a survivor onboard, but once she gave them clearance to have anything they wanted from the ship, she was given passage into federation space.

Her skin is pitch black and seems to almost suck in the light around it, feeding her with energy in well lit areas and worlds. She has superb dark vision and can see as good n teh dark as she can in light. Her precise species has never been found aside from herself, wich has caused her to be interrogated more then once before her final acceptace into the federation. However, if one were to belive the ferengi who found her ship, she might come from a species far more advanced then the federation, so why she is here is anyones guess.

After a few years of working science jobs on the edges of known space, she was finally given command of her own vessel, now that the war was on the need was greater then the risk. She named her craft " Event Horizon" and was given free reigns to pursue her own projects. Her first ship, the Event Horizon, was destroyed under mysterious circumstances during a black listed project she was running. Records of the incident are spotty and heavily classified. Her second ship, and current, The "Event Horizon-B" is currently engaged in less questionable projects and is spending its time mapping new worlds and species in the undiscovered parts of the alpha quadrant.


She has a sense of logic to her and at times can seem more vulcan like then some vulcans, but she does not follow logic to the very end at all times, as she tends to bend logic to fit her ideas rather then bend her ideas to fit logic. She is a harsh woman and seemingly emotionless when it comes to punishments and death, quick to suggest lethal measures in any given situation, not because of some kind of bloodlust, but because she feels it is the more efficient way to handle the situation. She is very hard to anger.


She has been compared to Borg mentality in some cases when it comes to efficiency but it may be a trait of her species.

Ship Info:

U.S.S. Event Horizon-B Science Vessel NX-93221-B Crew: 100

Bridge Officers:

  • Lieutenant Mirra - Chief of Security
  • Ubedea - Medical
  • Cletus - Engineering
  • Siournoyals - Security
  • Lieutenant Karid - Second in command/researcher/medical
  • Four of Eleven - Unregistered