J Clarke change of Rank Holo Photo

Promoted to Captain.

Jay Clarke Onyx is a male Joined Trill, a Captain in Starfleet, and a member of the Alpha Centauri Institute and was the Commanding officer of the USS Edinburgh.

Currently he is carrying out the shakedown of the USS Bath.

==Starfleet Service Record ==

Special Training: Crime Scene Investigator, Horology, Astrophysics, Quantum mechanics.

  • Attended Starfleet Academy.
  • Placed on advanced command training program.
  • Posted to USS Valiant. Cadet training ship.
  • Promoted to Ensign. USS Cornwall: Bridge Officer Science Station 3rd Watch.
  • Medical Leave: Attended Trill, Trill Symbiosis Commission.
  • Promoted to Lt. Given command of the USS Starburst.
  • Transfer to ACI.
  • Promoted to Commander By Captain Three.
  • Given command of the USS Cambridge.
  • Given command of the USS Edinburgh.
  • Promoted to Captain By Fleet Admiral Three.
  • Given Command of USS Bath.

===Merits ===

  • Received a (rp) Star Cross for scientific tactics.