Welcome to the ACI Personnel Page. Here you will find information on our fleet personnel; both direct biographical information, as well as data pertaining to fleet member statistics; such as division by rank, department, and profession.

Biographical information pertaining to fleet members, both past and present, is maintained in the following three categories; all of which are updated the first week of each month:

  • ACTIVE FLEET MEMBER category contains specific biographical information on fleet members who have been active within the last thirty calendar days. It is updated the first week of every month.
  • RETIRED FLEET MEMBER category contains biographical information on former fleet members who have left the ACI Fleet or have been reported lost.

Information on current or inactive fleet members may also be accessed via their membership by department, profession, or their rank within the fleet. This may be expanded upon in further updates

I hope your visit to our Personnel section will be a productive one.

Subcommander Savesh of Vulcan
Alpha Centauri Institute Library Archive Curator

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