STO Name: @DatMeg

Country of Residence: United States

Time Zone: -5 GMT

Hours per week spent playing MMOs: Varied Typical playing times: Anywhere between 12PM - 2AM

RL Age: 23

Primary Language: English

Other Known Languages: 'English'

MMO Experience: Star Wars Galaxies (RP), Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, RIFT, AION, TOR(tanic), and more. Previous Fleet: Strike Group Phoenix  

Additional Character Notes/OOC Concerns: It's been a while since I last RP'd but I've been doing it forever.

Shail OOC Notes:  ~The S'rrel is the current home for the "Horus AI" which was formed by anomalous data collecting in the computer core. It works along side the crew to keep the ship running and occasionally suggests improvements. It is capable of commandeering the ship in extreme emergencies. Generally well behaved. Sounds similar to Legion from Mass Effect 2. ~The S'rrel is heavily modified, Horus tends to improve things without asking.~Shail is a member of "Section 8", which specializes in the confiscation of dangerous artifacts, devices, and occasionally information (IE Iconian Gateways), highly secretive. ~Shail has all sorts of little devices, less dangerous items from her 'work'.

--End of Application--

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