Drakius Barian
Full Name Drakius Christopher Barian
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Rank Lieutenant Commander
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Ship(s) USS Stormguard
Player drakius

Drakius Christopher Barian was a deep space child, his mother died during child birth and his father Jonathan Barian was the navigator on a merchant ship. So Drakius was raised in the deep darkness of space.

Drakius kept to himself reading books, imagining himself in open fields, feeling the wind blowing in his face, feeling the texture of the world. In reality the closest Drakius ever got to leaving the merchant ship were the space stations they stopped at to trade goods.

His father was a tough man to live with, secretly blaming his son for his wife's death. The two never fought but, they would go days without speaking.

On his eighteenth birthday, Drakius decided he no longer wanted to live on a starship. He wanted to go home back to earth. His father nodded silently at his son's decision. Drakius was a little upset that he didn't even get a response from his father and had turn to leave their quarters.

His father spoke up "Wait son."

Jonathan presented his son with a box filled with various trinkets and pictures. "These were your mother's." He paused, "She would want you to have them."

Jonathan also presented his son with a small device. "Take this, there are enough credits on this disk to get you back to Federation space."

Drakius' father turned away, wiping his eye. "Also in the bottom of the box is an address to your home, our family home. Go there it's your now."

Drakius stared at his father.

Now go your going to miss the shuttle back.

That was the last Drakius saw of his father.

Five years later Jonathan Barians ship was ambushed by a Klingon patrol and destroyed.

After spending years on Earth, Drakius found himself missing the vast openness of space. So he enrolled in Starfleet, with one goal to return to the place he always dreamed of leaving.