T'ien Bao
Full Name T'ien Bao
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Tactical Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Fleet Rank Lieutenant Commander
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Ship(s) USS Bhodisattva
Player Savesh

Last Name: T'ien
First Name: Bao
Middle Initial: Not Applicable
Species: Human
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Home World: Earth
Profession: Starfleet Tactical Officer. Current assignment is as Security Chief for the USS Emissary. Former Shaolin Monk.
Character Rank: Lt. Cmdr.

Starship Class: Nebula
Starship Registry: USS Emissary

Academic History and DistinctionsService Record:

* Attended Starfleet Academy.
* Chose specializations in mediation and conflict resolution while at the academy.
* Raised and educated in a Shaolin Temple in China.
* Has achieved highest ratings in several unarmed martial arts styles, most notably Kung Fu.
* Documented expert in several exotic weapons styles from many cultures, both terran and extra terrestrial
* Favored weapon is the staff and unarmed combat.
* Led student groups in meditation, self-defense, and holistic medicinal techniques while at the academy.

Brief Biography:

"When I am forced to use violence to resolve a conflict, I have already failed."

An orphan of Starfleet parents, Lt Cmdr. T'ien was raised in a Shaolin monastery in the heart of mainland China. With a perpetually serene nature, he is as much an expert in conflict resolution as he is in unarmed and exotic weapon combat.