Jason Archer
Full Name Jason Archer
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Engineer
Rank Vice Admiral
Fleet Rank Captain
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Ship(s) USS Aventine
Player solokeldon

Last Name: Archer
First Name: Jason
Middle Initial: T
Species: Human
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Home World: Earth
Profession: Engineer
Character Rank: Captain
Academic History and Distinctions: Christopher Pike Secondary School, San Francisco, Starfleet Academy - Top in the Class for Advanced Warp Theory, Starship Design
Service Record:

  • Lieutenant Commander, Chief Engineer, USS Venture
  • Commander, First Officer USS Sentinel
  • Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Pegasus

Current Assignment: Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Pegasus A

Starship Class: Galaxy
Starship Registry: NCC 92592 - A

Brief Biography:
Jason Archer started his Starfleet just after the Hobus Super Nova Destroyed Romulus. During that time he served on many starships that patrolled along the Romulan boarder. Being an Engineer his entire Starfleet Career seen Jason became an expert at his job and led him to finally become Chief Engineer on the USS Venture. During a Skirmish with a number of Reman ships, the Venture's, Captain and First Officer were killed, Jason took command and he showed that he could adapt to serve from Engineer to Commander in a blink of an eye. He successfully won the skirmish and Starfleet Command awarded him for his efforts. He was offered the spot of First Officer on the Soveriegn Class, USS Sentinel where he served right untill the Klingon and Federation War began. Due to Starfleet needing every ship they had, Jason was given a commision of his own, the Galaxy Class Starship, Pegasus. After serving as CO of the Pegasus, Jason and his crew was part of many skirmishes. Unfortunatly. in 2409, the Pegasus was Destroyed when it suffered major damage. Jason along with the Majority of its crew however were reunited on the Pegasus A. Starfleet went to him and asked if he could use his knowledge and expertise to assist a branch of Starfleet, the ACI.