Rtuza Anoyda is a Betazoid female, a Vice Admrial in Starfleet, a member of the Alpha Centauri Institute and prior commanding Officer of the USS Bristol. She is currently the Director of Intelligence.

Rtuza Anoyda
Anoyda 5
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Vice Admiral

Current Orders:

Director of Intelligence.




While serving on the Training ship USS Valiant C the ship was attacked by several Klingon Birds of Prey. The ship suffered massive amounts of damage in the battle. As remarkable as it was that the cadets with several training officers managed to defeat the Klingon squad it was not without cost. The warp core was facing an overload, with no operating impulse or thrusters the ship appeared to be lost. Cadet Anoyda took command of the survivors and directed them all; remaining officers and Cadets, in a damage control effort using power from every shuttlecraft she was able to get enough power to Lt J Clarke to open a Tyken’s Rift and launched the warp core into it. The Ship was recovered with only a 32% loss of life.

Anoyda has a work ethic that she applies to everything she does. She attempts to see all sides of a problem before attempting anything if possible. Clear and straight to the point she likes getting her hands dirty including doing work on her own ship.

Starfleet Service RecordEdit

  • Lived on USS Yamarta for 14 year.
  • Received recomindation to Starfleet Academy after readjusting the artificial gravity so that during class running 20% less for student com badges and 20% more for officers.
  • Promoted to Lieutenant, offered of command USS New England.
  • Promoted to Lt. Cmdr. Commissioned USS Canada.
  • Promoted to Commander. Project manager of the USS Interpreter. The USS Interpreter was a prototype vessel fitted with the first Federation prototype quantum slipstream drive.
  • Promoted to Captain. Commissioned USS London.
  • Commissioned USS Claymore.
  • Appointed Admiral of 22nd Fleet Command.
  • Commissioned USS Clan.
  • Assumed command of USS Southampton.
  • Voluntary reduction of rank and transfer to the ACI.
  • Commissioned the USS Bristol.
  • Commissioned the USS Hampshire.
  • Commissioned the USS Stonehaven.
  • Promoted to Commodore.
  • Transfered to the ACI Liaison Office.
  • Made Director of Foreign Relations.
  • Appointed Vice Admiral.
  • Made Director of Intelligence.


  • Awarded the J Bruce Award in Warp Field Dynamics. For contributing to the development of the Federation Slipstream Drive from the prototype USS Voyager.
  • Received The Star Cross.
  • Twice received The Starfleet Medal of Commendation.
  • Received a Silver Star for command.
  • Recived a Gold Star for Command.