Last Name: Anderson,
First name: Jonathan
Middle Initial: C
Species: Human/Liberated Borg Drone
Age: 87 earth years (Due to Borg implants and anti aging nanites apperes roughly in late 20s)
Gender: Male
Home world: Earth
Profession: Starbase Engineering Commander.  Fortification and Fabrication Engineer, specializing in counter Borg fortifications
Rank: Rear Admiral LH (Currently)
Academic History: Starfleet Academy Graduate with honors, Starfleet Officer Academy Graduate, Starfleet Flag Officer Academy Graduate.

Anderson is a Liberated Borg engineer, and escort captain.  Normally he's pretty methodical and has a personality similar to Data before the emotion chip, this is due to being a borg drone for so long and loosing every shred of individuality.  He is however extremely loyal to those he serves, and will often rush headlong into danger to save lives.  Heavily augmented by borg tech that is impossible to remove he is also very self conscious about his apperence, choosing to avoid face to face contact with most individuals unless absolutely nessisary.

Service Record: Exert Starfleet Service Record earth date 2365 U.S.S. Enterprise -D Ensign Jonathan Charles Anderson MIA presumed dead upon encounter with Borg Cube.  Starfleet Medical Records 2409, U.S.S. Grant, Ensign Ehou Asnov, Acting Chief Medical Officer U.S.S. Grant, Vega Colony.  "We've recovered several drones from key locations on the ship.  We've processed them medically and I believe I can "reverse" some of the Borg assimilation.  With time, maybe these individuals will regain what was taken from them.  This one subject Drone 8 of 25, remembers his name, Anderson.  Starfleet Service Record 2409:  Ensign Jonathan Charles Anderson reinstated, transferred from U.S.S. Grant to U.S.S. Avitus as acting Captain, promoted to Lt. Commander.  Service Record Exert:  Commander Jonathan Charles Anderson receives promotion to Captain, and transferred to U.S.S. Saga, Prometheus Class Escort.  Service Record Exert:  Jonathan Charles Anderson promoted to Rear Admiral LH, Command ship U.S.S. Saga, transferred to Utopia Shipyards, Mars.  Order 779377 signed by Fleet Admiral Ehou Asnov, Strike Group Phoenix.  Service Record:  Anderson was instrumental in averting a new Borg nano-threat dubbed "Sleeper Virus" by infecting Liberated Borg Officers with his own reprogrammed nanites to counter the new virus,