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The Alpha Centauri Institute is a Role Playing guild for Cryptic's MMO: Star Trek Online.

We are a group of players wishing to bring a fun yet structured and authentic Star Trek role playing experience into Cryptic's new MMO. The Alpha Centauri Institute itself is a Starfleet controlled private organization that works heavily with fringe area science and technology recovered from Captain Janeway's trip into the Delta Quadrant. Originally, the Alpha Centauri Institute was a privatized research and exploration foundation that had multiple successful missions in the early 23rd and 24th centuries. After (then) Captain Janeway returned from the Delta Quadrant, ACI requested access to information that she uncovered during her 7 year expedition. Assessing information quickly and with great success, the ACI proved its worth to Starfleet in the years following the Voyager's return. Many advanced ships deployed in the 25th century would not be operable without the work the ACI completed. Starfleet began to notice the ACI's quick thinking members and expressed interest in it after ACI completed its work on the Delta Quadrant material. After being absorbed by Starfleet in 2386, the Alpha Centauri Institute shifted from an exploratory group of private scientists to a full fledged Starfleet operated division, full of Officers who wished to get their hands on advanced technology before the rest of Starfleet. The ACI has been granted clearance for its own private "military guard" which both Starfleet officers and non-Starfleet officers are a part of. The ACI Guard is deployed with experimental technology that future Starfleet ships of the line may never even see. Requesting a transfer into the ACI is a tricky process but advancing through its ranks is quite rewarding. Members of ACI can make great connections in Starfleet and gain lifelong friends who share their interest in exploration and advanced technology.

Mission StatementEdit

Established in the late 21st Century, the ACI was founded as The American Continent Institute on the principles of Manifest Destiny and adventure, two key attributes that drove Americans westward during the 19th century. A think tank of multicultural scientists and engineers from diverse backgrounds began funding their then "small pet project" in hopes of spurring on a new age of exploration and colonization throughout the galaxy. It later changed its name to The Alpha Centauri Institute in the 23rd century to reflect a non-Earth centric viewpoint, and moved its head quarters to a starbase orbiting the Alpha Centauri IV planetoid.

Over time, the membership roster swelled and the Institute's role expanded. It now is a leader among Starfleet organization in promoting friendship among the various races through shared technology use and research. In recent years, the mission statement of the ACI has expanded to included a large Diplomatic Corps as well as an extensive, and tested, group of tactical officers known as the Guard.

In its state today, the ACI is a Starfleet sanctioned Institute with members of hundreds of races across various cultural and political backgrounds. All of these beings are brought together by a common goal: the advancement of technology and the extension of peaceful cooperation throughout the quadrant.

(See ACI History)

Board of Directors and Department HeadsEdit

Information on our current fleet command structure and department heads may be found in our Ranks & Officer Position page.

Fleet HoldingsEdit

The Alpha Centauri Institute's holdings span across the Alpha, Beta, and Delta Quadrants. Each facility is instrumental for continuing research in every field.

ACI-01 - Alpha Centauri Institute 1, often shortened to ACI-01, is the primary Starbase for the fleet. Located in the Alpha Centarui sector block this starbase serves as the administrative core of the fleet. For more information see ACI-01

ACI Research Annex - This joint facility located on New Romulus is operated by the ACI and Romulan Republic. It serves as the primary research lab for the sector block. For more information see ACI Research Annex

ACI Mining and Trade Outpost - This outpost serves as the fleets primary supply of dilithium ore as well as a major trade hub for the Gamma quadrant. For more information see ACI Mining and Trade Outpost

ACI Solonae Expedition Spire - Located deep in the Delta Quadrant, the Solonae Dyson Sphere is a wealth of information. The ACI's facility there is a large structure on the surface of the sphere. For more information see ACI Solonae Expedition Spire


The ACI's Code of Conduct can be found on the Regulations Page

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