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[Due to repeated infractrions of the federations taste and decensy laws, [to whit article three regarding possesing,distributing and encoraging the production of violent images] commander skeriss is no longer allowed to edit the data present here, instead all information has been pased on to federation archivist sean williams for inspection and transcribing, further inquireis are to be addresed to him.]


The Aius are a race of quadrapedal insect/herptile analouges who live in vast, underground hives, each capable of sustaining a population of almost 13 million. Like most hive based life forms the Aius are seperated into distinc Caste's, each praticaly a species in its own right and each performing a very specific role within the greater society.


Aius society is remenisant of the Termite hives of earth. A single breeding queen lays millions of eggs, each genetical enginered to perform a spacific series of tasks within the hive, workers build and maintain the hive and its technology, the Scince caste create and improve upon both tech and theory, the soldier caste ensure the security of the hive and the ship caste stear the aius acros the stars.

While a Aius born into a certian caste can only perform the functions assigned to it, the method it does so is left entirely up to the indiviual, this allows for a certian amount of freedom within castes . For instance, a worker may excel at smelting copper but prefer to harvest food, The worker would be allowed to focus on the task it enjoyed despite its lack of talent.

The Aius have a less then stellar record when it comes to cross species interaction, as seen in commander skerris they are totaly convinced of thier species superiority, and will arroganlty ignore other races ideas and customs.


Aius biology is stageringly complex and varied, each caste is modified to such extremes that they are almost seperate species.


Aius technology is simply staggering. They long ago perfected sciences we are only just beginning to understand. Although it should come as no suprise to learn that they have weaponized almost all of it. Technology that the federation would use to heal the sick is used to ravage the nervous systems of whole species, usually for no reason other then boredom.