Aerys ir’Virinat was an Aenar cyberneticist and robotics engineer who was an acculurated member of the newly formed Romulan Republic in 2409.  He was an ally of the Alpha Centauri Institute.

Academic History and Distinctions:Edit

Aerys received a well-rounded and common sense education among the pastoral communities of Virinat.  He showed considerable mechanical aptitude, so he was apprenticed to the engineers of the colonies; keeping hydroponic and other specialized agricultural equipment running.  He was further tutored in cybernetics by his elderly Romulan foster father; a former bionics expert and computer scientist.  Together, it is believed they created the first autonomous automated personnel unit in Romulan history; though this assertion has not been independently verified.

Service Record:

Aerys was a civilian systems engineer and avid tinkerer and dreamer on Virinat colony when it was attacked by the Elachi.  Through escape from the colony and a rapid series of chance events, he was enlisted into the newly formed Romulan Republic militia and given command of a vessel used to save some of the Virinat survivors.  He has since commanded additional warbirds, and has proven to be a capable, if reluctant, command officer.  Given the circumstances of his birth and his role in the recent Romulan Republic debates on Khitomer, he was a natural choice to serve as a liaison officer to a Federation Fleet.


Aerys's name taken from the cryostasis chamber in which he was found, Aerys ir’ Virinat is one of the “Virinat Five;” mysterious Aenar infant clones that were inexplicably found among the wreckage of a Tal Shiar vessel that crashed on the planet a few months prior to the Hobus Supernova event.    No records survive explaining this event, as the nervous residents of Virinat promptly destroyed the wreckage in fear of the Tal Shiar discovering it. 

The infants were recovered from stasis and adopted among the residents of the colony.  Aerys was taken in by an elderly scientist who called him “Cassian”, after the son he lost to a flood two seasons prior.  The young boy and his foster father spent their days helping to keep their community running, and nights furthering their dream of creating the Romulan’s first sentient android.  This was a difficult prospect to realize given the limited resources of the colony.  As the years passed and Aerys grew from a boy to a young man, his father and he worked tirelessly to forward their ambition until finally, they were able to create the prototype for an autonomous personnel unit.  Tragedy would interfere with further refinement of this android they called ‘Genome’, first with the untimely death of Aerys’ father, and then with the destruction of the Virinat colony.

With quick thinking and luck, Aerys and his best friend managed to escape Virinat and save many colonists in the process.  His bravery and skills were noted by Admiral Temar of the newly formed Romulan Republic Flotilla, and, out of concern for the preservation of refugees torn from their homes by these Tal Shiar led attacks, he accepted enlistment as an officer in the Republic Militia. 

After his role in helping secure the recent Khitomer debates on the Romulan Republic, his government has assigned him to be one of the first Republic militia members to serve as liaison officers in a fleet of the United Federation of Planets.  He has accepted this grave responsibility both to serve his people in bringing the Tal Shiar to justice and get answers about his Aenar cousins.

Personality:  Aerys is a blend of the compassion of the Aenar, the pride and passion of his adopted culture, and the dreamer inherent in all inventors.  He is friendly yet elusive, quiet yet quick to action, and a person who paradoxically values freedom and duty in equal measure.   He laments that circumstances have taken him away from refining his father’s android creation.  He refuses, however, to allow the loss of his home world and the deaths of countless Romulan colonists to be in vain.  These profound events have been felt deeply by the young Aenar, and now his singular motivation is garnering the Federation’s continued assistance to help right these injustices and protect his people from further harm.


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This summary is the result of twelve interviews with the subject and the other surviving three Aenar clones known colloquially as the "Virinat Five" over a period of nine weeks, conducted jointly by Starfleet Intelligence and the Andor Empire Investigation Clan.  These interviews were then correlated with data secured from operatives in the Romulan Star Empire and Reman Freedom Movement. 

Subject is one of an indeterminate number of Aenar clones who were believed to have been created by the Tal Shair for the purpose of counter insurgency; most likely against Reman liberation efforts.  Details such as the mastermind behind this effort, their base of operations, how the genetic material was obtained, the cause of the crash on Virinat, or if similar operations exist elsewhere are unknown.  The operation was unknown to Starfleet Intelligence until the service of Subcommander Aerys was noted in the Romulan Republic Khitomer Debates and a subsequent investigation was begun into his origins.

The existence of the “Virinat Five” has caused a considerable amount of political controversy.  Since their discovery, some segments of the government of Andor have called for “Blood Justice” against both the Romulan Republic and the Tal Shiar for ‘violating their sovereign ice’ and for keeping these ‘cousins of the ice’ secret and separate from their home.  The Aenar Collective has taken a different stance; extending a standing offer to the surviving Aenar disaspora to ‘return home when they are ready.’ The Federation Diplomatic Corps hold hope that the presence of Subcommander Aerys conducting joint operations between the two governments will help to quell the rage of the Andorians.

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